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Éclat Crown Rim (Sandblast Red)

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Éclat Crown Rim
Väri: Sandblast Red

Erittäin vahva BMX-vanne.

Materiaali: 6061-T6 alloy, flash welded
Koko: 38 mm x 19 mm, 387 mm ERD, 36h
Paino: 580 g / 20.4 oz
Väri: Sandblast Red

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Éclat Crown Rim (Sandblast Red)

“Following the quest for perfection, we created the Crown Rim. Taking our already legendary Bondi Rim we were able to create the tallest profile and strongest BMX rim we’ve ever made. Aimed at the rider who simply puts his/her bike through utter hell, the Crown Rim utilizes a unique five-chamber profile and thicker super-tall sidewalls to make a rim which is able to withstand anything you can throw at it.”  – Éclat BMX


  • Super heavy-duty rim for the most brutal riders in the game
  • The strongest rim Éclat has ever made, seriously…
  • x5 chamber construction and unique super tall outer wall for maximum stiffness
  • Increased material thickness in critical areas
  • Straight side walls for brake use
  • Does not require kitchenware to install tires


  • Material: 6061-T6 alloy, flash welded
  • Size: 38mm x 19mm, 387mm ERD, 36h
  • Weight: 580g / 20.4oz
  • Color: Sandblast Red


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