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ODI Reflex XL v2.1 Lock-On Grips (Black)

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ODI Reflex XL v2.1 Lock-On Grips
Väri: Musta

Tyyppi: Lock-On
Materiaali: ODI Medium Compound
Ulkohalkaisija: 34,5 mm
Pituus: 135 mm

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ODI Reflex XL v2.1 Lock-On Grips (Black)

“We are excited to announce the newest addition to the ODI line up of v2.1 Lock-On Grips – the Reflex grip. Drawing on over 40 years of experience of producing performance-driven grips and feedback from our extensive network of top riders across the globe, the Reflex grips have been engineered to reduce impacts and vibration being passed on to the riders’ hands to allow you to ride more with less pain and fatigue.”  – ODI


  • Large/Extra-large profile / Medium Compound (Diameter 34.5mm)
  • V2.1 lock-on single clamp system provides more useable grip space
  • Reinforced durable ends
  • Soft flexible ribs at thumb provide impact damping
  • Padded top grip section for excellent shock absorption
  • Angled waffle pattern with oversized top rib that matches finger articulation points for improved control and more ergonomic feel


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