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DYNAMIC Assembly Paste Pro (150 g)

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DYNAMIC Assembly Paste Pro
Pakkauskoko: 150 g

Dynamic Bike Care – DYNAMIC® Assembly Paste Pro (150 g)

Ammattimekaanikkojen suosima ensiluokkainen asennustahna polkupyörän asennustöihin.

  • Huippuluokan tarttuvuus sekä korroosio- ja kulumissuoja
  • Helppo levittää tuoreena pakkauksesta, hapelle altistuessaan kovettuu ajan myötä oikeaksi tahnaksi ja pysyy paikallaan
  • Kovetuttuaan ei huuhtoudu vedellä tai valu pois lämmöllä
  • 100 % hiilikuituturvallinen ja litiumiton!
  • NLGI:2 | 48 N/mm²

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DYNAMIC Assembly Paste Pro (150 g)

Assembly paste for pro’s! Creates a lubricanting nano film that protects against (fretting) corrosion and wear. It provides extreme surface protection and prevents cracking noises in bottom brackets, seat-posts, stems and handlebars. Perfect for high-end applications on carbon, ceramic- metal, aluminum, titanium, steel, rubber, plastic, bearings, pivots, suspension components and all threaded connections.


  • Premium assembly paste that provides best in class adherence as well as corrosion and wear protection
  • Easy to apply when fresh out of the packaging, after exposed to oxygen it hardens into a real paste over time and stays in place
  • Does not wash out with water or flow out with heat once hardened
  • The professional mechanics’s “go to” paste when assembling bike parts
  • 100% carbon safe and lithium free!
  • NLGI:2 | 48 N/mm²

About DYNAMIC Assembly Paste Pro

We kept it simple here; if you want to assemble bike parts, this is the absolute best product to use. Definitely don’t use it to lubricate, as it might even slow you down. If you are looking for second to none protection from water, salt, dirt, dust or whatever element you can think of; Assembly Paste Pro is your friend. No parts will get stuck and corrosion has no chance. Every screw you mount, even the ones on your cleats, should have a layer of this grease. This way they are well protected and they will only loosen when you want them to. Sometimes this type of grease is referred to as anti-seize, like by Shimano for example. But this is a perfect alternative for greases like; Shimano anti-seize.  – Dynamic Bike Care

APPLICATION: Apply some Assembly Paste Pro to threaded fasteners like pedals, bolts and screws before assembly. Can also be applied to bearing seats when using sealed bearings like in headsets or bottom brackets.

Notes: If you find a thin layer of oil on top of the assembly paste, simply stir it well. This is not an issue and can happen if the assembly paste has not been used for a while.

WARNING!  Although the paste looks so damn deliciously good, it’s not edible. Keep out of the reach of children.


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