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DYNAMIC All Round Grease (150 g)

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DYNAMIC All Round Grease
Pakkauskoko: 150 g

Dynamic Bike Care – DYNAMIC® All Round Grease (150 g)

Monikäyttöinen yleisrasva kaikkiin pyörän asennus- ja huoltotöihin.

  • Yleisrasva kaikkiin tarkoituksiin ja sääolosuhteisiin
  • Suojaa korroosiolta ja kulumiselta
  • 100 % hiilikuituturvallinen
  • 43 N/mm²

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DYNAMIC All Round Grease (150 g)

Use All Round Grease for assembly and maintenance work on your bike. This allround bike grease offers high protection against corrosion and is effective against friction and wear between bicycle parts. Due to its lubricating and protecting features, it is ideally suited as assembly and bearing grease.


  • All-purpose grease for all weather conditions
  • Protects against corrosion and wear
  • Ideally suited as an assembly and bearing grease
  • 100% carbon safe
  • 43 N/mm²

About DYNAMIC All Round Grease

An affordable, “does it all” kind of product that can be used to mount bike parts, protect bearings or parts, and to grease bearings. It does not excel at specific purposes, but everything a little bit. The place where it falls behind on other, more high-end greases, is the lubricating part. So, if your main goal is to lubricate bearings, you should perhaps choose another grease.  – Dynamic Bike Care

APPLICATION: Apply some All Round Grease to threaded fasteners like pedals, bolts, and screws before assembly. It can also be applied to bearing seats or to lubricate bearings like in headsets, bottom brackets, or wheels.

WARNING!  Keep out of the reach of children.


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